“Jules is one of the all-time b-girls.” 

– Crazy Legs, President, Rock Steady Crew
(BBC 6 George Lamb Radio Interview; Oct 09, 2009)


“This movie has the best cast of any dance movie, ever.” 

– Alien Ness
President, Mighty Zulu Kingz/Kweenz World wide


“It was really well done for so many reasons.  Very happy to see people that we saw come into the game, like Jules, Flipz, Flea and others, graduate into another platform and another way to the present this culture.  Amazing script.  It was raw.  It was raw and real, heartfelt and authentic.  Bravo, congratulations and I wish you guys success.”

– Jorge FABEL Pabon
Tools of War, Rock Steady Crew, Zulu Nation 


“B-GIRL was fantastic, Jules killed it, Legacy, FleaRock, all the b-boys were so great.  I never knew Jules was such a good actress!  I got goose bumps when Jules was dancing, and you can’t force that!”

– Christie Z-Pabon
Tools of War, DMC USA


"B-GIRL is a film that has taken the message of what it means to be a B-girl to the next level.  There have been a lot of movies with female dancers or women in hip hop, but no one has ever told the story of what it means to be a b-girl before now. I am honored and privileged that I got the opportunity to witness this film in my life time"

– B-girl Baby Love, Original 1980 Rock Steady Crew, Beat Street


“I thought it was incredible, awesome… The dancing was phenomenal, it definitely was inspirational for me.  I really liked how the dance was portrayed in the film.  I was really impressed with all the dance scenes, [Jules] came off strong, she was hard.  The b-boys were amazing to watch as well. The storyline was accurate.  Much props to everybody.” 

– B-girl Honey Rockwell, New York City


“Dazzling dancers”
– Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

“Eternally relevant story of perseverance, and not letting anybody stand in your way as you pursue whatever makes you feel alive inside and makes life worth living.”
“Dancing is the real payoff of this movie; excellent moves and routines are captured through great camera work in powerful scenes which evoke the vibrant life-force Angela feels when she is breaking”. 
- URB Magazine  


 "the biggest names in the world of breakdance..."

- The Providence Journal


“If you want to appreciate "B-Girl the Movie', think back on high school or college when you had to study 'The Odyssey'. There are great adventures along the way, but at heart the story chronicles the struggles of someone trying to return to their lost world.  In both stories the hero is flawed, the road is treacherous, and the results uncertain, with no easy answers. But along the way,  there is beauty, hope, and the allure of deliverance. And, unlike 'the Odyssey', this story's realistic to our time; I bought it. And the dancing is intense.”  

– Nancy T., Blogging Best Dance Crew
Blogging Best Dance Crew  


"A powerful story of healing for a true artist troubled by a very real and terrifying incident."

- Jonathan Moy, Piedmont Post (our hometown paper!)


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